Server Solutions

Dedicated servers and storage solutions can increase the productivity of your business by enabling your staff to have access to the right information at the right time. Servers can be located on-site or cloud based depending on how your business is run and how you need to access your information.

For most of our customers we are their IT department.  We offer a full range of IT Consulting services to fit your specialised needs, from helping you find answers to routine technology questions to complete technology planning. We offer network health assessments, business continuity consulting, assistance with the procurement of hardware and software, and much more – along with ongoing IT strategy meetings to ensure the success of your solutions and your total peace of mind.


Help Desk

Our Help Desk and Desktop Support staff are available to assist with day-to-day end-user support for general IT issues, questions, and troubleshooting, including:


  • Virus, spyware, and malware removal

  • Printing and connectivity problems

  • Email and messaging issues

  • Microsoft Office related problems

  • Blackberry, Android, and iPhone connection issues

  • Backup

  • Recovery of files deleted files

  • Password recovery

  • Third party software issues

  • Internet and web problems


Eliminate the need for your own staff to respond to end-user issues by adding our Help Desk and Desktop Support team to your business.


Project Management & Consultancy

A system-wide roll-out, software upgrade, or new implementation can wreak havoc on your business if all of the crucial elements are not carefully considered and efficiently managed. Datasol assists with managing these projects so that you can rest easily knowing that your technology is being taken care of.


Buying new computer equipment can be a bit of a minefield with so many options, configurations and versions availbale.  We can procure all the top branded equipment as well as clone equipment with a specification to do the job.  We know what works with what and can save time configuring the equipment with your current system.

Computer Equipment

Our technicians can be used for a host of on-site services.  they can booked for specific IT projects, installations or equipment roll-outs.  We can also incorporate scheduled site visits in to your support package so you know you will have a regular site presence when you need it.

On-site Services

Drawing on years of experience, our technicians can determine the correct structured cable solutions for your business.  Getting the right Cat5e, Cat6 or Fibre infrastructure for your type of data can greatly increase the performance of your network.

Network Services

With greater internet speeds becoming more widely available for businesses it means that you now have the options to run a proper cloud based solution. Our Technology Specialists can give you the best advice on cloud based servers, hostsed solutions and cloud backup options.

Cloud Solutions

With more and more mobile technology available and a myriad of software options, it sometimes seems like a minefield knowing what devices can do.  Our technicians know the pitfalls and can offer the best advice possible to ensure your mobile devices will work with your system.

Mobile Solutions

We do take email and web sites for granted.  By getting these wrong, it can literally mean the failure or success of your business.  Our specialists can advise you on best practices and best of breed solutions that will be able to enhance your business communications and web presense.

Email and Web Site


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